Topics of Expertise with Significant Proven Success:

Practice Renovation for Advisors

Is your practice balanced? Are your clients referring you? Is your staff happy? Are you up to date on your product offerings? Are you moving toward a robust succession plan? Are you in positive net flows and trending up? Is this still FUN? This cutting-edge presentation explores all of these questions and brings tailored solutions for more growth, better balance and increased vitality to your already successful practice.

Insurance Makeover for Advisors

Do you have a robust insurance book of business? If not, do you know where the opportunities are in your book of business? Are you current on products and companies and do you know the best fit for each client? Is it possible you have clients in the wrong products? Is it possible you’ve missed opportunities and left clients unprotected? Let us do an initial complimentary consultation to determine where your gaps and opportunities lie. Then we’ll work a plan for you that will dramatically impact your insurance numbers, your growth and your piece of mind in knowing your clients are well protected.

Legacy Planning for Small Business Owners

What’s your succession plan? Is it funded? Is your business valuation current? Are you looking to buy practices? What is your transition plan? Is it flexible? Who is interested in buying your practice? We have extensive experience designing succession plans, buy-sell arrangements, and robust legacy plans. We partner with buyers and sellers across companies as well as internally. This presentation can be tailored for financial advisors or more generally to small business owners.

Legacy Planning for Individuals, Couple and Families

Marriage, Taxes, Legal Documents….. “If I’m going to work THIS hard it better matter so SOMEONE!”

Long-Term Chronic Care Options for Clients

There are several important issues you might consider when planning for the possibility that you or a loved one may need care in the future. People are living longer but not necessarily healthier. The cost of health-care continues to rise and options are available to plan for care and offset costs. This presentation comes in two versions, one for financial advisors and one for us to present to clients.  The presentation covers the various ways to pay for long-term care including self-funding, traditional long-term care or newer types of hybrid strategies. No financial plan is complete without plan for extended chronic care.

Tax Control

It’s not about what you make, it's ALL about what you keep… This presentation explores how different assets are taxes when we invest, grow and ultimately transfer our assets to future generations. We’ll explore strategies and ideas to position yourself so that more of the money you make stays with you for your lifetime and beyond. Yes, beyond.

Financial Planning for Women Clients, from a Woman’s Perspective and Experience

Tailored to each the audience. This presentation has been done for groups of Executive Women, Doctors, Financial Advisors, Business owners. Topics include: tax control, long-term care, alternative investing and making money meaningful.

Good to Great Wholesaler Strategies

How to stand out in the crowd, be wildly successful and create RAVING FANS for life! Everyone needs to grow… what are you going to do to grow MORE than the rest? This presentation identifies proven strategies used to dramatically increase sales and create loyalty by being the best wholesaler your territory has ever had the privilege to work with. Topics include:  event planning for maximum return on investment, relationship skills mastered, how to leverage your resources, and how to work smarter consistently while having the time of your life.

Disability Insurance

Why don’t we all retire RIGHT NOW? Because most of us need the income! So let’s protect that income now with the most financially clever and prudent strategies. Whether it’s supporting your daily living expenses today or funding your retirement savings for tomorrow, your ability to earn an income is your most important financial asset. Few people realize how easy it is to become disabled. Most people think disabilities are caused by accidents, when in reality the majority of disabilities are caused by illness. Protect yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself! 

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